It’s hardly a secret that when the weather’s nice, you can find a lot of San Franciscans at Dolores Park. And if you’ve been drinking and sunning yourself all day, you’ll most likely find yourself peeing along the J-Church Muni tracks.

As part of a renovation project for the popular park, the city hopes to tackle the bathroom problem by installing more bathrooms

Taking a cue from France, San Francisco will shell out $15K to install 31 new restroom stalls and one pissoir. The pPod stands seven feet tall and is basically semi-cylinder mesh screens with no backside and very little privacy. The design makes the pPod both handicap accessible and discourages unnecessary loitering.

As Jake Gilchrist of the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department told CBS Local, “Clearly the people urinating on the [streetcar] tracks have no problem with privacy, they’ll be in and out as other people are waiting in line to use it.”

It’s not like San Francisco wasn’t aware of Dolores Park’s pisser problem; it's thrown down $30K in the past on disgusting Porta Potties that get so beat down, they hardly survive the weekend.

In the next couple months, the bathrooms will be installed on the southwest corner of the park, at 20th and Church. The city will expand pPod urinals to other San Francisco parks in the future.

All right, now all we need is for the sun to come out.

Photo by Mark Hogan via Flickr