I just went on my seventh Tinder date in six weeks last night. This afternoon, as the dude texted me, I realized: I'm over it. Here were the tip offs that I was finally done with the dating app.

1. I’m over “tinderationships,” or those seemingly awesome flirtations that last for days online, but amount to nothing in real life.

2. I’m completely incapable of hiding my disappointment when I realize the 6'0 listed on his profile was a lie. He's actually 5'6 and I tower over him in heels.

3. I realize that getting drunk with a total stranger is only fun when I’m at an airport. And my flight is delayed. And I know I'll never accidentally bump into him when I’m out with friends.

4. The messages with my latest match were written completely in emoticons.

5. I realized that lots of dudes swipe right for everyone.

6. When I started checking out members of the opposite sex in real life and mentally swiped left and right.

7. I’m sick of trying to be witty and cute when I'm asked about my "power animal."

8. All the people I meet on the app are ones I've previously dated, work with, know and am grossed out by, or am related to.

9. I’m done with worrying that I’ll run into an ex, or worse, a previous Tinder hook-up on a first Tinder date.

Photo by marta miquel capell via Thinkstock