Last week, the internet was buzzing about normcore, a fashion trend that New York magazine explains is all about wearing "ardently ordinary clothes. Blank clothes." You know, the kind of outfits everyday San Franciscans and Berkeley moms get flack from New Yorkers for wearing. Guess what guys, we're (kinda) in style! 

Aside from being underwhelmed by the "cutting edge" looks (dorky sportswear, shapeless baseball hats, and socks with sandals), I was mostly disappointed by the celebrity associated with the trend. Jerry Seinfeld is the face of normcore, but shouldn't it be Norm Peterson from Cheers? I mean, it's not called "jercore." If you're going to be normcore, be Normcore. 

Not convinced? Need some inspiration? Here's a lookbook staged in our city's natural milieu, San Francisco bars.  

Photos by disrupsean, CoDiFithomashawk, wyscanFogCityFog, kylewm, natbat via Flickr