Here's the breakdown on last night's episode of Girls:

Title: "Role-Play"

Nudity: Wet bathtub bra, couch makeout boob, and that spiderweb lingerie.

Best line: "For the cred and intrigue I'm going to tell people I'm 22." - Soojin

Adam and Hannah both acted really strangely leading up to their big fight in Marnie's apartment at the end of the show. I was disappointed by how little Adam spoke up when Hannah got kicked out of his rehearsal – a rehearsal which he'd asked her to attend! It was sweet that Hannah put on a wig to do something different for Adam, but why did she have to remain in character to the point where a stranger thought Adam was sexually assaulting her?!? When the stranger yells, "Break up with her, she's crazy," it's hard to disagree with him.

I side with Adam about Hannah changing the story for her role-play scenario in the middle of things. I don't mind changing scenarios on principle, but it was tone-deaf for Hannah to suddenly shift to a fantasy that makes Adam into "the weird kid at school." Hannah seems to get off knowing that other people see Adam as creepy and only she understands him, but I don't think Adam (like most people) actually appreciates being called a freak. Also, we don't know Adam's high school life, maybe that fantasy was just too real. 

Still, towards the end of the quarrel, it was telling that Adam had already made arrangements to stay at Ray's. The fight was a little late as far as Hannah and Adam having The Talk if Adam had already decided on a mini separation. Mainly, I'm amazed at how committed those two think they are to each other even though Hannah doesn't actually know Adam that well. That might work both ways, but Adam doesn't seem to go out of his way to claim to know Hannah very well.

Why hasn't Jessa been kicked out of Shosh's yet? Or at least, why hasn't Shosh used Jessa's behavior as leverage yet? Shosh seemed willing to put in the effort to reunite someone else's family, but not go full blown intervention with her own cousin. I'd like to give Shosh the benefit of the doubt, so is it finals or something and she's going to get serious in the next episode? 'Cause otherwise, WTF?

Let's talk about Marnie's beanie. Of course Soojin liked it. She probably likes oversized bunny ear phone cases too. It was annoying that Desi looked at Marnie's lyrics, otherwise known as "stuff she wrote on Ambien," for roughly 10 seconds before verbally eating her out. I know Marnie needs the praise in her life, but she's also getting the crazy eyes that make me think she's mentally pinning color schemes for their wedding already. 

Need a reason for living? I will be giving my two cents on all this season's episodes. Check back for a new one every Monday.  

Image via Girls Facebook Page