Amazon is having a tough time taking second best to Netflix when it comes to streaming content. But that's because they've so far been streaming crap. (Betas! So terrible!) But I'm happy to see that the powers that be upped their standards and greenlighted a really funny dramady about a trans parent starring the dad from Arrested Development and his hip Silverlake/Echo Park kids. Transparent features Jeffrey Tambor as the family patriarch transitioning into the family matriarch (get it, transparent? ha.). His self-centered offspring includes Gaby Hoffman showing all her crazy (and all her bush, if the show is in line with everything else she does); the great indie director Jay Duplass; and a bunch of other cool folks. I watched the pilot a while back, and like the rat in the cage, was already wanting to press the little button to make the channel produce more.

Tambor's deadpan humor (and deadpan expressions) are really the big hit in the pilot, but his kids have all kinds of dirty secrets (of the creepy music industry dude kind, of the secret lesbian married with kids kind, of the nutty LA trustahemian kind). The show was created by Jill Soloway (Six Feet Under, United States of Tara). And I have a feeling that although it's set in LA, there are enough SF-relevant themes going on (gender- and sexual-fluidity being two of them) that Transparent could be a big hit here. No word yet on when the full season will be airing but the green light is good news. 

Watch a preview here: