Humans as Pantone Colors Are Beautiful

Mar 12 at 2pm

I'm getting a little tired of everyone's fascination with Pantone. Yeah, I love colors, systems of cataloguing, and clever names, too, but I don't think we need any more products that just feature images of the color swatches and their corresponding numbers. Yet a work-in-progress photo essay, by Brazilian photographer Angelica Dass, is just cool enough for me to make an exception to the rule.

For her ongoing project Humanae, Dass has been photographing all the possible human skin tones and matching them to a Pantone color. She catalogs each subject with a Pantone number, and uses the hue as the background of the portrait. Dass has found her diverse range of subjects close to home, in Brazil, but also from around the world, via Facebook and Tumblr. Aside from just being beautiful to look at, according to Dass' website, the purpose of Humanae is to create a discussion about ethnic identity "independent from factors such as nationality, origin, economic status, age or aesthetic standards."

See more of these striking photos on Dass' Tumblr.

Via Visual News

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