If you've browsed SFGate over the last few months, you're probably well aware that Dolores Park is going through some major renovations this year. But perhaps you've heard the news so much that you've blocked out the day when the park gets cut in half. Well those changes start tomorrow, when fences will block off the northern side of the park between 18th Street and the central pathway to revamp the bathrooms, tennis courts, dog chilling spots, and walkways. The closures will last for 6-8 months before we switch into the fall renovations, when the other half of the 16 acre park will get a makeover. As SFGate notes, a good 10,000 people cram into this patch of green on a sunny Saturday, so prepare to get even cozier starting tomorrow. (The playground will remain open throughout the construction.) The $13.5 million renovations will last through next spring, so tonight's your last chance to really stretch out on that trampled grass for a while. 

[Via FuncheapSF, photo by Victorgrigas