What started out as dirty talk in AOL chat rooms back in the ‘90s evolved into the phenomenon known as sexting in the early 2000s, and today we have the next level of sexy chat: Twitter robot sexts. Well, more accurately, it’s sexting via Twitter, facilitated by robots. Created by developer Brendan Atkins, The Sext Exchange lets you anonymously exchange sexts with strangers in a sexy, fun, competitive format.

“There are a lot of sex robots disguised as humans on Twitter, and they’re all bad at their jobs. It’s about time we disguised humans as sex robots and showed them a thing or two,” Brendan says on his site, displaying an endearingly self-conscious bit of tongue-in-cheek.

Here’s how it works: You follow The Sext Exchange on Twitter and then draft your wittiest 140 character sexts while waiting for the robot to follow you back. Once that happens, send it a direct message that starts with “sext:” and then whatever you want to write. It will respond by sending you someone else’s anonymous sext, which you can upvote with a “;)” or by typing “yes.” Keep on sexting and receiving until, as Brendan says, “everyone involved gets very tired.”

Upvoting other user’s sexts not only gives them a virtual pat on the, ahem, back but also increases the chances that the sexter will be featured on the leaderboard of The Sext Exchange, which completes the loop by turning the whole process into a competitive game of who can sext the best.

For you voyeurs out there who prefer not to participate, you can also check out the “recently sexted” section of the leaderboard – which, at the time of my writing this, included gems like “sext: They should put us in a cage and watch,” and “sext: knot my hair in your fist when you do that.”

While those two are examples of more traditionally sexy lines, the leaderboard also includes some silly ones due to the fact that the format of the game allows for almost anything to be turned into a sext. considering the range of sexual interests out there, that's definitely a good thing.