If you're a hobbyist smartphone photographer, you're probably quite familiar with VSCO (short for Visual Supply Co.). While Instagram is the leader in artsy smartphone photography, VSCO is the gold standard for beautiful smartphone photography. Aside from creating cool digital tools and a sleek way to publish and share photos, VSCO even has an incredible film collection that will make a believer of any film photography hold-out, like myself.

Yesterday, the Bay Area-based company announced its Artist Initiative, a scholarship fund of $100,000 for artists to document their creative process, from ideation through completion. Participants aren't required to work in the medium of photography, however they need to document their process and result on VSCO Grid with photographs. The company notes that "...we believe the creative process is as important as the final result. Recipients are required to document their creative process on VSCO Grid to provide insight into their artistic journey."

With the current crop of gallery closures in San Francisco and yesterday's bad news for photographers, it's promising to see a Bay Area tech company connecting their originating passion for creativity with artists to enrich both their platform as well as the greater community. Though none of the initial recipients are local, VSCO is currently accepting applications