You guys! For one weekend only, you will have the the opportunity to time travel. Today SFist reported that  Bottle Rock is back for a second year, which is about as magical as time travel itself, considering the fiasco surrounding the festival last year. I don't know about you, but I'm seriously considering the trip – which this event is bound to be. 

Bottle Rock will be one of the 40 festival pitstops for Outkast's 20th anniversary tour. They will be joined by the likes of the Cure and about 35 other bands you either totally forgot about or definitely didn't know were still together, along with Thee Oh Sees. It's gonna be like VH1's Where are They Now Live.

Last year festival organizers embraced our obsession with artisanal snacks with wine pairings. While I certainly hope they keep those wine pouches (timeless), I really hope they'll give a nod to some of my favorite lost and forgotten '90s snacks. Beverages I hope to see: Orbitz, Crystal Pepsi, OK Soda, Clearly Canadian in the VIP tent. Food pairings: I expect them to include Olestra and lots of SnackWells.

Here are a few artists I didn't see on the line up, but additional artists are added all the time, right? A girl can dream. I welcome you to set a drift on memory bliss with me this friday afternoon.



Arrested Development

Collective Soul


The Cardigans

Warren G & Nate Dogg

The Breeders

Luscious Jackson

The Verve, not to be confused with The Verve Pipe (who also make this list)

So see you there! I'll be the girl in a babydoll dress, Doc Martens, and mini back-pack – all of which are currently in my wardrobe, so that's convenient. 

The list could go on forever. Who'd I miss?

Image via Zenia