Warning: this recap is going to include even more spoilers and expletives than usual. Here's the breakdown on last night's episode:

Title: "I Saw You"

Nudity: Adam's butt, Hannah's boobs, and Marnie's side boob.

Best line: "Put your dick away" – Hannah to Ray

Looking at the title of this episode now, it was probably a clue that Marnie and Ray would get caught doing it. Don't you just hate it when someone says they're better off being single and don't need a person and then they go and lick that person's nipple? I'm disgusted that Marnie would ever say, even in a naked panic, "He made me." What the fuck is wrong with you? Not only did you initiate this, but that's not a minor or funny claim. 

Still this episode was really about Hannah being needy and making bad choices while Adam is being a slight chode. It depresses me that Hannah's lipstick and clothing are getting better and better and the opposite is happening with her life. There's been a lot of things getting into her head, making her feel like she and Adam are going to break up soon. For example, everything Patti LuPone and her husband have ever said. But I don't see why that means Hannah has to quit her job in some self-righteous artistic anxiety attack. Watching her get fired/quit a job she's pretty good at and shit on people who have mainly been nice to her made me super sad. 

As far as Adam's dick-like behavior, did you catch when he said, "Some day you're going to have something major going on and you're going to understand?" Uh, fuck you, Hannah had (has?) a book deal. Honestly, just having a job that allows her to buy Intermix dresses could have been considered something major. Adam has always been condescending, but his condescension is usually aimed at Hannah's friends. When it's leveled at Hannah, she's weirdly accepting of it.

And why were Hannah and Adam having a cutesy make-out sesh post awkward hang with the cast of Adam's play? Not only did she make things super weird over drinks by blurting out getting fired and banking on unemployment, but she and Adam still haven't resolved any of their shit yet. Yeah, sure, enjoy fucking each other on the Titanic.

Apparently, Jessa is trying out sobriety again. Although, I'm not convinced that what happened in the last episode brought on this big fucking change. I let Adam's sister disappearing like she was never on the show go and I'm trying really hard not to care that we'll never see the people at GQ again, but goddamn it, I need some explanation about Jessa. Why is this show even called Girls? Hannah is a more accurate description of this season. 

Need a reason for living? I will be giving my two cents on all this season's episodes. Check back for a new one every Monday.  

Image via Girls Facebook Page