Earlier this month, John Trippe at Fecal Face posted a cool spread of photos featuring a new mural on the side of Foods Co at Shotwell at 14th St. The muralist is one of my favorites in the city – Brian Barneclo, who's also created memorable pieces on the side of the old SF Bay Guardian building, one at 7th and Townsend, and inside of Nopa. His playful and graphic style always puts a smile on my face. 

Barneclo and assistant, artist David Benzler recently gave his 2006 Foods Co mural a much-needed cleanup, because, as Trippe put it, "Through the years it got pretty taxed by misc graffiti and pigeon shit." In about a week, the two gave the 225-foot public art piece a pretty complete facelift, making it this bright orange food chain-themed mural, with a nod to working farmers, farting cows, and chomping food lovers. 

See better pics than I could take at fecalface.com, sans parked cars, or better yet, go see the mural in person.  

Photos by Sarah Han