Word spread over the weekend that the Winchester Mystery House, that creepy old roadside attraction down in San Jose, will be offering sleepovers and booze in the near future. The haunted mansion with a sprawling interior, built by Sarah Winchester in an ongoing frenzy to ward off ghosts, was blooming with 160 rooms, 2,000 doors, 10,000 windows, 47 stairways, and 13 bathrooms when Winchester died. That's plenty of space to offer when considering where to house overnight guests once the permits issued by the San Jose planning department lead to action. Before you start packing your special Winchester rifle jammies, though, guests won't be crashing in one of the mansion's 40 bedrooms. Sadly, the main house will remain off-limits after hours, according to SFGate.  Instead people will be offered "the full Mystery House experience" at very specific structures on the grounds, according to the Silicon Valley Business Journal – "the pump house, caretaker's residence, and foreman's quarters" are all possibilities. Still creepy, though. I'm thinking, along with spending the night at Alcatraz, an overnighter at the Winchester Mystery House could be the next destination on the screwed up dreams tour of the Bay Area. 

And if you need a little nip of something to get you off to sleep, the Journal adds that the Mystery House was also granted approval to serve booze everywhere but in the parking lot (wuh-hoo!) which could really help one enter the "spirit" world, as it were. It'll also help the current owners realize their plans of turning the Mystery House cafe into a full-blown restaurant. 

[via Boing Boing]

Photo by Gentgeen