What do you give the friend who has everything? STDs! Kidding! Well, not really. A cross-stitcher in Plainville, Connecticut named Alicia Watkins has designed a line of and germ- and disease-themed wall hangings that could make great gifts for your sick (ahem) friends. 

This gal, who loves "weirding crafts," writes, "GERMS! They're everywhere. You can't avoid them, not entirely – though one would hope you'd avoid syphilis, of all things – so why not incorporate them into your decor? If you're into science, or just germs, or cleanliness, or if you're a hypochondriac, you might like to see your interests/worst fears immortalized in stitchwork. Luckily, now you can."

She sells these colorful takes on bummer afflictions as sets (if you want to give someone the cold and flu, for example), as general germ samplers, and as single items (for the friend who only deserves a little food poisoning). 

Alicia may not be a San Franciscan, but the fact that she claims to have been "weird since I was born," and her sense of humor feels very much in line here – especially when you branch out into her handmade takes on the joys of judging people while drinking and awkward dating situations.  

Here's a sample of her germ-infested work – probably the only time sickness will look cute:

and then really, the only one of these that I'd want in my system:

[Via Colossal]