By Wendy Steiner

I recently heard rumors about a group of photographers and friends that call themselves Flaskmob and go on photo explorations all over the city. (Ok, I actually got an email from the people who started it, but stick with me.) I was excited to hear about a welcoming group of San Franciscans who were basically throw a monthly moving party. I asked one of the founders, Evan Thomson, some questions about this new meet up and am looking forward to joining in ASAP. 

What is FlaskMob?

Flask mob is a once a month photowalk (maybe twice if we throw in a renegade meet), where photographers, creatives, and enthusiasts meet to shoot, drink, and network. 

Where did the name come from?

My fiancé and cofounder Sabina Farrugia actually spouted off the name when we were first trying to put a name to the madness. A play on “flash mob” where locals meet to drink and dance, “flask mob” seems to be the perfect fit.

What inspired you to start FlaskMob?

I've always wanted to be apart of something bigger, and what's bigger than roaming the streets with 200 other like-minded kids! A small group of us were always going out inviting our friends, and one night I decided why not invite everyone? And here we are now.

Can anyone come to a meet-up?


Are there any rules?

As any fun event, party, or gathering, there is usually one rule. Don't be a dick. 

What's up with all the fireworks?

The best part is it's not technically fireworks. It's actually a common thing amongst photographers who shoot long exposures at night. It's steel wool. You light it, spin it, and watch the sparks fly! Basically harmless, and not illegal!

When's your next meet up?

March 29th, 2 p.m. Speedway Meadows, Golden Gate Park!