If you’ve been in a relationship long enough that the idea of another dinner-and-a-movie makes you want to die, great news: A new company within the same family that brought Tinder and OkCupid to singles has launched a service to help couples have even better relationships (or at least much better dates).

Delightful is a new app and website that provides an ever-updating collection of dream date options. Not just a list of things to do, but a full-on curated catalogue of experiences and concierge level service that handles nearly every aspect of your evening short of laying out your outfit.

Not that I’m accusing you of being in a rut, but anyone who’s been in a relationship knows that it becomes really easy to just go to that one restaurant by your house that you know has a decent wedge salad. Overlapping free time can get scarce, and going out to eat is an easy default when neither of you has the time or energy to hunt down something a little more creative.

Delightful isn’t for lazy couples though; it’s for those who are curious and into doing new things but have exhausted the existing listings and sources. The interface is super simple, with date ideas filtered via categories like “under $50,” “learn something new,” “outdoors,” and “at-home adventures.” Picking something cool to do is as easy as choosing a movie on Netflix (but way more memorable), and after you decide, a concierge will get in touch to suggest a bar or restaurant around the activity to complete the date, make reservations, and even arrange a car service to pick you up if you’d like. After it’s all set up, you pay straight through the app and Delightful provides a thorough itinerary with directions, details, and access to a 24/7 on-call expert to help out with anything you might need. It’s like having your own personal travel agent of romance.

The subscription is $12/month, which is probably about the cost of a glass of wine at the restaurant you and your S.O. always end up at. It's a small price to pay for ULTRA-FOND MEMORIES, people! Plus, in addition to free date options and access to sold-out tickets, Delightful gets discounts (up to 75%) on a lot of their offerings, although the point isn’t to be a discount site (vouchers are a mood-killer); it’s more about doing whatever it can to make the night special, and if that means having glasses of champagne waiting for you or VIP treatment to avoid wasting time in lines, you got it.

The range of options on Delightful works for anything from the one Wednesday night you both have free, to elaborate, anniversary-level dates. Examples of what’s listed now includes:

Drink and Draw at Tank 18 ($64 for two)

Check out the urban winery in SOMA, and get crafty while you taste wines, eat cheese, and take home two of your own bottles with wine labels you created yourselves.

Twilight Paddle of the Bay ($99 for two)

When was the last time you were in the bay? Certainly not recently enough, if ever. Take a kayak tour (with guide) through McCovey Cove and back towards the Ferry Building, checking out the city from a whole new perspective.

Thai Favorites for Two ($179 for two)

Meet up after work for an hour long Thai couples massage at Suchada Herbal Spa in SOMA, then walk across the street for a three-course dinner at Grand Pu Bah Thai Restaurant. A serious upgrade from your typical happy hour.

Napa Valley View From Above ($379 for two)

Watch the sunrise from a hot air balloon over Napa Valley, and enjoy a leisurely champagne brunch at Pacific Blues Café afterwards. (Perfect for a special occasion, and for making all of your Instagram followers crazy jealous of your life.)

You can also “build your own date” by submitting what day you have in mind and the gist of what you’re up for. Your Delightful concierge will get back to you with a few options, and you can go from there. A good time is guaranteed (literally) – if you don’t love the date, it’s on them.

Take a second and try to remember your last really awesome date. Typically, they hinge on doing something new, together, and Delightful is all about finding those experiences, tailoring them to what you’re into, and then making it crazy easy to make them happen.

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