One of the best trends taking over San Francisco’s art scene is the increasing popularity of quirky pop culture mixing with high art. We told you about the Nic Cage art show in April, but if you can’t wait until then, Spoke Art Gallery is here for you.

“In Dreams: An Art Show Tribute to David Lynch”, currently on exhibit until March 29th, features artists from around the globe who turn to the director for inspiration. Whether it’s the familiar and corrupt town of Twin Peaks or the heady and hypnotizing Mulholland Drive, you can expect some surrealist art paying homage to the purveyor of surreal filmmaking. 

Spoke Art previously found success with “Bad Dads: An Art Show Tribute to the Films of Wes Anderson,” which turned into an annual Halloween costume party/opening weekend reception that’s considered a must-do event (at least, by me). More recently, the gallery paid homage to Martin Scorsese; if there's one place you can trust  to host your favorite film director-influenced art, it’s this one.

“In Dreams” takes on much of the Lynch-ian catalogue through print, sculpture, and fine art as mediums. And if you were hoping to get your mitts on a original Lynch piece, better hop to it – a quick click through the online gallery shows most of the works have been sold. Hopefully this just means that there will be more of these tribute exhibits to come.

Grab yourself a damn fine cup of coffee this weekend and head over to Sutter Street before “In Dreams” comes to a close Saturday, March 29th.

Eightbit - "Deep Sound Coming Down"

Sam Gilbey - "This is the Girl"

Raid71 "The Big Dream"

Kate Copeland, "Audrey"

Ken Davis,"Let's Be Frank"

Very top image, Tim Jordan “Mommy” (from David Lynch’s Blue Velvet); all images courtesy of Spoke Art.