Attn: Ira Glass fans. Variety reported today that America's favorite storytelling radio show, "This American Life," has been dropped by Public Radio International, which helped the program broadcast into homes in 500 cities around the country. Glass' pet project has been with PRI for 17 years, and from the sound of things, it was time for a change. But it's hard to believe "This American Life" will remain homeless for long, considering the show attracts a weekly audience of 2.1 million listeners.

I also wonder who under the age of 70 listens to the show on the radio anymore, since you can download it so easily from the program's website. WHICH REMINDS ME! You need to download the current episode of This American Life, "No Place Like Home," stat. It includes the radio version of the moving online magazine story behind Trouble Coffee's Giulietta Carrelli that I mentioned in an earlier post. Seriously, download this week's "This American Life." The bittersweet story behind Giulietta's success had a couple of us in tears here at sensitive TBI.

Ira Glass image by Tom Murphy VII