Bicycle safety is incredibly important to me. Having been involved in numerous crashes, I know that helmets are a must. Lights are important too. That being said, I find the folks who wrap themselves and their bikes in reflective tape or string lights comical. I have a certain amount of self-deluded pride that I want to keep intact, and a bunch of tape stuck to my beautiful bikes does not allow that. Enter Mission Bicycle Company's Lumen. 

The Lumen is a single-speed or eight-speed bike on a frame that promotes high visibility without the nerdy accoutrements, an idea that came to life thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign. Others have tried glow-in-the-dark frames, like the Kilo Glow or a few limited edition bikes, but they only light up for about an hour after sunset, and the color in the daylight looks gross. 

Mission Bicycle has some spectacular reflective abilities, going from a subtle dark grey to a bright, reflector-like silver in headlights. The company used some crazy science to get this glow: it magnetized paint embedded with glass particles and baked the frame and rims. 

The Lumen during daylight hours: slick whip to roll down to Dolores on.

The Lumen at night (in headlights): noticeably bright bike that even a taxi driver will notice.

Now we have the option of a bike with optimal visibility at night that doesn't sacrifice street cred during the day, all designed and assembled in Mission Bicycles' Valencia street location. Kudos on finding a cool way to keep us safe!

Prices range from $1,245 for the single-speed to $2,500 for the eight-speed Special Edition.

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