Dog people, this might come as a total shock to you, but your friends don't think your hound is as awesome as you do. Especially if you're active on Facebook or Instagram and indulge your personal feed on the weekly or daily (or hourly) with pics of your pooch doing all those really cute things like yawning or looking up at you with that face. It's the same fatigue that pals get when they follow new parents on social media. Other people just aren't going to be as stoked about your (human or non-human) baby as much as you are.

But hell, I still post photos – lots of photos – of my dog, anyway. Because Benny brings me joy and he is seriously the best dude ever, followers of my feeds know more about my pet's life than mine these days. Still, I know it can be annoying, even to people who kinda like dogs, and so I was interested to hear about Bay Area-based Pack, and its accompanying app, Snack.

Pack is a social network site for dog owners, a place to share every single photo of your furry friend without overwhelming your current social media followers. It's also a good spot to meet other people who are just as canine-obsessed and want to see these pics. Snack is an app for dog lovers of all stripes. Users can get a curated dose of dog, delivered to the app just once a day. 

At the time, both Pack and Snack are still pretty new, so there aren't too many users yet, but knowing us dog people, it won't be long ...