You can have your chocolate and peanut butter. My favorite combo in the world? Lasers and music. It probably has something to do with growing up going to Laser Zep, Laser Floyd, and, um Laser Duran Duran as a kid, but I love spacing out to druggy music with druggy lights flashing all around. So I have some very exciting news to share. The heavy spacetronic/psych act Moon Duo will be performing at The Exploratorium on Thursday, April 17, with live visual accompaniment from Joshua Light Show.

Now I wish I could say this event was taking place inside the new Tactile Dome, but that would mean only like ten of us could attend. The colorful visuals from Joshua Light Show should make this quite the immersive experience, though. The pioneering New York-based crew, headed by Joshua White, has been around since the late '60s, so they know a thing or two about tripping to the light fantastic. White had a residency at the Fillmore East in 1967, where he visually enhanced shows by Zappa, Joplin, The Dead, The Doors, The Who, Hendrix, and others. Since performing "liquid lighting" for Woodstock, JSL has gone on to do shows at prestigious museums around the world. And now JSL is coming here. This is going to be very PSYCHEDELIC, guys, especially with Moon Duo's charged atmospheric jams in the mix. 

There's a limited capacity for this event, which is being held in the Exploratorium's sonically impressive Kanbar Forum. Grab your tickets here (admission gets you into the After Dark program that night as well).

Photo of Joshua Light Show by Martin Genz