By Jessica Saia

When I was seven, my dad told me I could paint the garage any color I wanted. I picked out a heinous combo of dusty pink and neon purple (I don't remember ever even liking those colors), and he choked back regret as we covered the walls in two coats chosen in my second-grade whim.

This collection of photos by Shelly Ross reminds me of my old garage. She owns a petsitting business, and takes photos of the city's more ... indulgent paint jobs as she scoots around meeting clients. 

The fact that so many adults are seemingly living out their elementary-school dreams when choosing house colors is just another thing that makes me love San Francisco. When I lived in Chicago, the one rather tame pink house in the neighborhood was deemed "kooky" and stood the hell out amongst the blocks and blocks of practical tan brick homes. Here, you could color a house with a few hundred boxes of highlighters and it would fit right in.