By Jennifer Maerz

Marty Cooper is a Menlo Park native and professional artist/animator who has turned his high school hobby of doodling on everything into a fantastic pastime. If you follow his Tumblr or Instagram, you know he's more than a bathroom stall scribbler. Marty draws googly-eyed creatures into scenes around the Bay Area using a Sharpie and transparencies. Sometimes he animates his doodles into ridiculously cute videos, like this one featuring a little laundry monster, or this hilarious flying shrew

Marty has an impressive Instagram following of 8,049 (at last check) and growing, but he was kind enough to offer The Bold Italic a couple exclusives that haven't been posted there yet. You can check out his latest work below, mixed in with some of my favorites from his collection. 

If your Instagram feed is severely lacking in silliness, follow Marty (@hombre_mcsteez) and watch as San Francisco slowly gets populated by goofy creatures and random puddle splashers