By Kristen Hawley

NBCUniversal announced today that it’s ceasing publication of Daily Candy, a newsletter-turned-local recommendation site for women, on April 4. Daily Candy started in 2000 as an email newsletter recommending the best fashion, beauty, and lifestyle products and services in New York, and has since grown into 11 different local markets, featuring tons of original content. 

The news is surprising, to say the least. The online content world is growing, with more and more of us going online for our news and information. Unfortunately, though, in this new age of branded content, Daily Candy is not only competing with traditional publishing models, it's also up against e-commerce sites like Gilt, deal sites like Groupon, and all the pins, likes, and favorites from our online social circles, which curate news and products in real time. It’s almost as if the concept of “editor” is changing.

For Daily Candy fans, this is a sad day. At its inception, the company had a unique business model, one that many others have tried — and failed — to copy. It was tailored to local tastes with vetted suggestions for the best places to go, shop, eat, and drink. For 14 years, editors and writers managed to inspire and delight readers. It was a great run, and I am sad to see it go. But, sadly, in the end, page views dictate the success of large, advertising-supported web properties, and for Daily Candy, apparently the eyeballs weren’t there.

[via Racked]