Remember when we told you about the proposed cat cafes coming to the Bay Area? Well it seems KitTea, San Francisco's first kitty hub, raised 103% of the $50,000 it was asking to get off the ground. People really love their cats here. And what will people get for that money, aside from a chance to lounge with kittens (not cats, at this time, as the site explains, fuzzy babies adapt easier to the space and other felines, and are euthanized more often than their adult counterparts. The goal here is to get these guys adopted). Donors get everything from a private, three-hour tea party for 20 friends for the big spenders ($5,000 donation) to kitten-naming rights ($1,000 donation) and VIP access during the cafe's "soft" opening ($100 donation). The owners are expecting to open KitTea's doors this summer, although it all depends on how many renovations they have to do on the space to get it up to code. (As for which neighborhood will get this clowder cafe, well the owners are still in the scouting phase right now. And yes, I learned the word "clowder" means "a group of cats" from their site).

These guys are not screwing around, though, when it comes to being very feline friendly – they've hired a feline behavioral expert and are partnering with Wonder Cat Rescue and Give Me Shelter to populate their cafe with adoptable kitties. And as for those cleanliness issues, the owners posted on their site they they'll be working with a feline vet and "practicing healthy routines and cleanliness for the cats." All felines will have clean bills of health, be fixed, and be current on all vaccines. "Our tea prep is in an entirely separate room as the kitty tea lounge and will be up to the healthy standards of San Francisco's Food Safety Program," they added.

Stay up on the latest kitty cat news on KitTea's Facebook page – which, I should add, has 9,800 likes already. 

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