By Emma McGowan 

When I brought up the idea of a lesbian hookup app to my lesbian friend Jasmine, she was all about it. She said that OkCupid wasn’t quite cutting it for her and Tinder was too full of straight folks. Rejecting the common theory that queer women just “aren’t into" hookups, Jasmine theorized that a good female sex site would be wildly popular. “Where is the hookup app for the ladies who love ladies?” we pondered.

And now we have one answer: British app Dattch made its U.S. debut at the Lesbians Who Tech Summit, right here in San Francisco. Dattch is “the app built for lesbians, by lesbians” and claims to be the only one that’s not modeled on sites for gay men or their heterosexual counterparts. It's also one of very few dating apps founded by women.

When asked why sites for women haven’t been that great so far, Dattch founder Robyn Exton explained to The Telegraph, “Dating is a very male-led space, and tech is a very male-led space. When the two come together, it’s not intentional, it’s just inherent," 

Dattch’s three-woman team came up with an award-winning app that borrows more from Pinterest’s design than from OkCupid’s wordy profiles or Tinder’s “hot or not” swiping. Users can create image boards to show off their personalities, so tropes like “love a good book!” don't clutter up the app.

Even though she’s now coupled, my buddy Jasmine and her new boo agreed to check out Dattch and tell me what they thought. Because the site is modeled after creating very Pinterest-y boards, all Jasmine and Megan saw were one thing each woman “couldn’t live without,” along with a picture and info on their height and sexuality (Dattch is for lesbian and bisexual women). They said they'd need more information from each person in order to message them. 

When I asked Jasmine what features would make Dattch more attractive for her, she suggested listing places you’d be likely to find each woman, pointing out that a rundown of favorite bars could reveal a lot about a person's tastes. Megan suggested a turn ons/turn offs section, noting that, “If this is supposed to be a hookup app, that could be pretty helpful.”

Ultimately, the ladies weren’t too impressed with Dattch, although they did note that it was beautifully designed and easy to navigate. Despite their lackluster reviews, I’m reluctant to give up on Dattch quite yet. Any other women wanna give it a spin and let me know how it goes?

Image from Thinkstock