Living in San Francisco has done wonders for my light jacket collection, and sucked the living soul out of my shoe line-up. One semi-fancy evening of trying to walk up even a tame hill in high heels had stamped out any last embers of hope I had when passing shoe store window displays, and I've developed a pretty deep relationship with that cobbler on Haight St. Leave it to a Bay Area shoe company to design insanely cool, quality shoes that you can actually wear in this city.

Freda Salvador was started by two (really nice) SF women, Megan Papay and Cristina Palomo-Nelson. Megan used to work at Calvin Klein and Cristina comes from one of the largest shoemaking families in Central America. The brand is based in Sausalito and their (really cute) flagship store is on Union St. in San Francisco. They describe themselves as an "artisan line of contemporary, cutting edge, and infinitely walkable footwear," and while they had me at "infinitely walkable," the "artisan" part isn't just a buzz word. The shoes are handmade in a tiny, family-owned factory in Elda, Spain. 

I was able to preview Freda's spring line last fall, and awaited their release with a ludicrous level of eagerness. Ever since I got a pair of my own, it's just been Compliment-City, Population: my feet. For real, every time I wear these shoes I happily brace myself for a crashing wave of foot compliments from friends and strangers. (If you get a pair, be sure to remember the name "Freda Salvador", because you're going to be asked where you got them roughly ten thousand times.)

The shoes are a bit pricey, and for good reason. They're impeccably designed, and made out of crazy luxurious materials (not in China). So while they're worth it, there's still nothing like getting fancy shoes on sale, and there's a big one this weekend.

The Freda Salvador sample sale is this Saturday, April 5th from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Fort Mason Fleet Room (building D). They'll have sandals, flats, booties, and tall boots in all sizes, and prices will range between $80 and $150. If you're into this brand, you should go check it out. Afterwards, when people start asking you where you got your amazing shoes, you can tell them "I got them at a Freda Salvador sample sale," and they'll be extra jealous because that's how people get when they miss out on an awesome sample sale.