By Sarah Han

Yesterday, BART released this video of its "fleet of the future" train cars. The new trains will not only be cooler looking, but they'll be physically cooler, because they'll have air conditioning systems distributing air to the ceilings. They'll also be quieter, more bike-friendly, and more cushy with padded seats and lumbar support. Route information will be given by automated (by a robot voice, I'm guessing) announcements and digital screens.


BART hopes that they'll be able to produce 1,000 new train cars to help increase the number of seats by 38%. The new fleet will start to be phased in at the beginning of 2017.    

To get final feedback about the new features and design, BART is inviting the public to experience the trains in person from April 16 to May 9. Check out this invitation and the site for the event closest to you.

Images from BART; via Curbed SF