Meridian Gallery, a Union Square arts non-profit that's been housed inside the Perine Mansion, is in danger of losing its home. The organization, which hosts art exhibitions, panel discussions, music and contemporary dance programs, and an internship program for at-risk youth, has been located inside the grand French Victorian-Second Empire-style home since 2007. According to SF Chronicle art critic Kenneth Baker, Meridian's landlord said the gallery's lease would be renewed, "but only on condition that a year's rent – $72,000 – is paid in advance, along with a $28,000 security deposit." Eesh! 

Instead of taking the news lying down, Meridian has been working to raise the funds to stay. On March 27, it hosted "Greenup Time," a benefit auction of donated works by more than 50 artists, to try to gather enough support to fight the April 7 eviction deadline. I spoke with Meridian Gallery's Vice President, Anthony Williams, who told me that the auction was great, but that they only got about 16 of the 100 needed $1,000 pledges, and as of March 31, the eviction proceedings have begun. The gallery may be asked to vacate its space as soon as next week. But Williams has not given up, and is still hoping that more supporters will step up to allow the organization to stay. If Meridian is able to reach $100,000 in pledges, the gallery will be given a five-year lease.

If you're interested in helping Meridian remain at the Perine Mansion, it's currently accepting $1,000 pledges. Your intention to donate can be sent via email to Anne Brodzky at

Image via Meridian Gallery; image on homepage by michaelz1 via Flickr