As if car owners in this city didn't have enough to worry about – smashed windows, scraped bumpers, parking tickets – if you have a teeny weeny vehicle, you could now find it turned on its side. NBC Bay Area is reporting on a spate of Smart car tipping that happened in San Francisco over the weekend, a story that made it on to NPR's Morning Edition this morning. NBC added that this update on the cow tipping trend isn't localized or even new, though, as there's a Facebook parody page called Smart Car Tipping that's been around since 2011 and vandals as far away as Toronto have shoved over these bitty rides. I feel for the owners – how bummed would you be to find your car shoved on its windows? – but I'll admit there have been times when I've wished my car was so light that I could pick it up and place it in tight parking spots by hand. 

Image from Smart Car Tipping