By Wendy Steiner

It seems like just yesterday that SF was going totally crazy over Batkid. But Batkid is just one of the many deserving young people that the Make-A-Wish Foundation works to help. Although the foundation's local chapter, Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area has been granting wishes to kids who have been diagnosed with life-threatening conditions for 30 years now and has fulfilled more than 6,000 wishes to date, they could still use your help doing some really cool things for two local kids.

The first wish was made by an anonymous 17-year-old who's interested in music and wants to do a DJ set with Skrillex at a benefit concert to raise money for cancer research. Hold your opinions about Skrillex for a moment; Make-A-Wish says that the bespectacled celebrity has already agreed to fulfill this dream, which is pretty darn sweet. Organizers also hope to gift this teen DJ lessons, equipment, and maybe even a friends-and-family practice show before meeting Skrillex.

The other wish belongs to a seven-year-old from San Leandro named Jack who wants his bedroom turned into the Tardis from Dr. Who! His family has done some renovations to Jack's room on their own, including painting his bunk bed silver and his walls gold, but they could use some assistance to enhance and finish its transformation into the famous TV spaceship. 

The most important things that Jack said he'd like in his new Tardis room are the control panel console, silver circles on the ceiling like the top of a spaceship, a clear and gold tube down the middle, a phone receiver, and a whole bunch of levers and controls to play with. Jack's mom mentioned some bonus features that would be nice, like the Doctor’s name in Gallifreyan (a language used by the Time Lords) above the inside of the door and a hanging "screen" on the control panel that could be a magnedoodle or dry erase board he could draw on.

Jack's bedroom so far

Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area is hosting a fundraiser this Saturday April 12 where 90% of the proceeds will go to this awesome foundation. If you can't afford the suggested donation, but are interested in giving time or items (MAW appreciates anything for auction or raffles too!), please email Involvement at any level is welcome. If you can't attend the event, but would still like to donate, you can also make a donation here

All photos couresy of Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area