By Jessica Saia

The final season of Mad Men premieres this Sunday, and while the idea of the series being over so soon makes me a MSad (wo)Man, (sorry), I thought I'd celebrate its arrival with a special Mad Men edition of Whilst in SF. Because if watching Pete fall down the stairs on loop isn't a nice way to end the week, I don't know what is.

(Also, a zou bisou shout out to Don Wu, the creator of the original Whilst in SF Tumblr, who we've collaborated with in the past.)

When out of town guests ask if I want to
go with them to Alcatraz

Living with roommates

After 1/4 of a drink at Latin American Club

Visiting your childhood suburb after
getting accustomed to SF cuisine

Finally getting a ZipCar membership after
eight years without a car

When my server at Bar Agricole asks for my order

My general attitude the time that pigeon flew so close
to my head that its wing went in my mouth

The day you realize you've grown out of Dolores Park

When my coworker says she thinks she'll get a table
at State Bird if, "I just get in line by like 5:30"

A month or two after moving to Oakland

Day 3, hour 6 of a juice cleanse

Rain plus MUNI station steps equals
the slipperiest surface known to man

That one night a year it's over 65 degrees out after 8 p.m.

After an afternoon strolling
through Noe Valley, I'm just like:

After an afternoon strolling
through the Mission, I'm just like:

When my coworker texts us that the LIBA falafel
truck is parked a few blocks from the office

The moment I realize that dress at
Buffalo Exchange was $3.49 for a reason

When friends back home ask how much my rent is.

The one and only time I hiked to the top of Mt. Tam

When listening to someone explain the app
they're working on, my face is all

But in my head, I'm just like

When someone tells me about how Divis is the new Valencia

Scoping out the bathroom line at Dolores Park

Considering whether or not just going pee by
the train tracks would be a better idea

Upon discovering parking meters are no
longer free on Sundays

Actually making it onto the bus after sprinting
with a backpack:

How I think fellow bus-riders will react

How they actually react

When a friend hosts her going away party
at a bottomless brunch

The real answer to "how are you?" at any given moment in SF

When a friend details all the reasons they're moving to LA

Explaining to the barista that I poured almond milk
in my coffee because the milk pitchers were mislabeled

If the "Death Wings" at Dr. Teeth could talk

Hearing friends in other states talk about the Polar Vortex

My general feelings about most taxi drivers' music choices

Zou-bisouing-it-up at the Mint

Trying to explain a juice cleanse to your dad

Finding out it's going to be like 82 degrees out:

When I have to work

On my day off: