By Sarah Han

The Chronicle's Inside Scoop reported on Craftsman and Wolves' latest creation, the Haute Dog, which is an all-beef hot dog nestled in a mustard-seed croissant, dressed with whole grain mustard and housemade salt and vinegar beet chips. It's like a hot dog and a cronut had an artisanal baby at the farmers' market. 

Paolo Lucchesi reports that Craftsman and Wolves' William Werner and crew came up with the idea as a nod to the beginning of baseball season, and that they hope to work in more new products around events.  

I don't love baseball, but I do love me some hotdogs. Still, is it just me, or does the Haute Dog look like something that spent way too much time out in the sun? Or, if you're pervy, does the bun not seem a little suggestive? Vaginal even? OK, maybe that's a stretch. Still, I have no doubt it's delicious despite my thoughts on its appearances.  

The Haute Dog ($6.50) will appear on Craftsman and Wolves' lunch menu starting tomorrow, Tuesday, April 8.

Images via Craftsman and Wolves