This SF "Save the Date" Video is Ridic

Apr 09 at 9am


By Jennifer Maerz

Compared to NY and LA, I like to think San Francisco is a pretty low key city. But then stuff like this save the date video for fancy lawyer couple Bambo Obaro and Janice Jentz comes out and I realize there's a whole other side of this city that I just really don't know at all. The couple, who met at law school here in SF, attempts to outdo Kim & Kanye's local nuptial extravaganza last year. The Boss Wedding trailer, which Jezebel notes looks (and sounds, check out that soundtrack) like a Michael Bay production, appears to cost more money to style and produce than most ceremonies. I guess my "save the date" emails from my classy old Hotmail account pale a bit in comparison. 

If I may, I'd like to suggest that Bambo and Janice come to Love/Make, The Bold Italic's wedding expo, where they can style out their ceremony with local vendors. I don't believe we have helicopter companies on deck, but we do have other good stuff. 

Via Jezebel

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