By Wendy Steiner 

According to San Francisco Magazine, the consulting firm, WealthEngine (we can't make this stuff up) has found the Haight to be the SF neighborhood that contains the most single people with over a million bucks to their name. WealthEngine looked at the census data, DMV addresses, real estate deals, and more data of close to 1,800 millionaires. 

The 'hoods they found to have the most ballers are:

1. The Haight (283)

2. The Castro (256)

3. Noe Valley (228)

4. Pacific Heights (182)

5. The Inner Richmond (78)

6. Mission (92)

7. Glen Park (59)

8. Sunset (59)

9. SoMa (58)

10. Marina (54)

You can see the rest of the list here. I expected Pac Heights to be higher, but maybe all the old money there has already been wifed up for 30 years. I don't condone dating people for their money, but where you go out tonight with this new information is entirely your business.

Photo by 401k (2012)