By Carolina Quijano

When you were little, I’m sure you imagined being a superhero. You could ward off the bad guys and somehow save the world. And then, you grew up and packed those dreams away. Well good news for those of you who never actually stopped dreaming: you can live out those superhero fantasies: There’s a rumor that supervillain CHAD – along with a motley crew of evil doers – is up to no good, wreaking havoc across San Francisco with a plan to blow up our beloved city.

This Saturday, spandex-wearing crusaders across the bay will come together for a Superhero Themed Murder Mystery Party at Langton Labs in SOMA, led by Alex Statan, otherwise known as Doctor Twist. The Doctor has created a murder mystery dinner party featuring missions, plot-twists, and adventures for people who love role playing and dressing up in costume. You can let your imagination run wild by devising your own superhero persona, or borrowing a well-known one, if you're feeling a little lazy.  

Superheroes will be placed in a group with six others and given a role (leader, psychic, trickster, flier, strength and assassin). Over the night, characters will interact, investigate the scene, and and play games to gain needed information to solve the mystery. The point of the night isn’t (just) to win, but to actively participate at a level you feel most comfortable.  

Meet-up time is scheduled for 5 p.m. on the dot, when players will be placed into teams and get important information about the evening (so be there on time, superheroes!). Then everyone will sit down to enjoy dinner and the BYOB drinks before the games begin. And finally, at the end of the night, there’s a dance party.

Sadly, there won’t be any sort of beacon in the sky summoning you to this gathering. Buy your ticket online, as none will be available at the door!  

All photos by Michael Bina of Michael Bina Photography