By Margaux Poupard

Having drunk munchies and typing out whole words to find the closest pizza place that's currently open is so 2013. The geniuses over at Yelp feel ya on that and have integrated emojis into their search function this past March. The new feature deciphers your emoji needs pretty well: Pizza, hamburgers, doughnuts, egg breakfast – all the late-night hits are now searchable with minimal finger lifting.

Surprisingly, it’s not limited to just helping you feeding yourself; Yelp does its best to interpret the random array of emojis. For example, use the mic with song notes to find a karaoke spot, head massage lady leads to Thai massage parlors, French flag pulls up French restaurants.

The limitations happen using the more obtuse characters. For example, Dancing Twins emoji pulls up Three Twins Ice Cream, which is a win. Two guys holding hands bring up Holding Hands Photography – practical, but kind of a missed opportunity in San Francisco, don't you think?

The jury is still out on the cross-functionality Yelp and the emoji Karl Lagerfeld app.