There have been a lot of Google protests this year and they seem to be getting increasingly more interesting. First there was the dancing clown demonstration, and who can forget the one where someone actually vomited on a bus? With yet another protest today at the Google I/O Developers' Conference that included Star Wars costumes and a reminder not to be evil, I'm betting that the activists have planned plenty more to come. When you add San Francisco's love of dressing up to the mix, it's probably safe to assume that future gatherings of dissent will be themed, if for no other reason than to tell them apart. Here's a list of predictions/suggestions for some upcoming tech protests with a little more pizazz: 

1. Honey I Shrank the Google Bus Protest

This involves building a super-sized replica of a Google bus and parking it near the regular sized one. Then, obviously, you yell at the people on the bus and ask them how they like being made to feel small.

2. Brotest

Bring your salmon shorts and bro tanks to the bus block, bitches. Neon sunglasses encouraged, but make sure they aren't Google branded. Unless you're being ironic, then I guess go ahead, but know that you're making this confusing. 

3. Burning Man Build Protest

At this protest you will be asked to help build something large and wooden that you don't quite understand. Bring wood glue and an open mind.

4. Castro Theatre Frozen Sing-A-Long-Style Protest

People seem to want to sing the soundtrack of Frozen at absolutely every possible occasion, so why not on top of a bus? (But seriously, if you like Frozen, these sing-a-longs are righteous.)

5. Bird Flip Protest

For this protest, one would have to organize as many San Franciscans as they could to stand side by side along the route to Mountain View and flip the bird. It's kind of like when people all light candles at one time, but with anger and middle fingers.

Photo by Lynn Friedman

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