In conjunction with my Game of Thrones in San Francisco map, I will be doing visual recaps of Game of Thrones episodes all season long, starting with last night's shocking installment (Season 4, Episode 2). WARNING: There will be spoilers, so scroll further at your own risk! Valar morghulis, good readers.

Ramsey Snow takes his tortured captive Theon (aka Reek) on a casual hunting trip. Ramsey's dad Roose is disappointed, but offers his bastard son a chance to earn his Bolton name by capturing an important fort.

Tyrion presents Joffrey with an educational gift. Joffrey destroys it with another gift.

Melisandre sacrifices three men in the name of her creepy religion.

Tyrion, now reluctantly married to Sansa, breaks up with his former squeeze Shae and arranges for her to be sent away on a ship. Shae is not pleased.

Bran touches a tree with a face and sees visions of a three-eyed crow, among many other things. He now knows where to go.

Joffrey and Margaery tie the knot.

Joffrey is poisoned and chokes to death on wine after being a total dick to his Uncle Tyrion, all during his own wedding! Ding dong, the king is dead!