By Margaux Poupard

Go ahead and file this new under Google is determined to make the world more and more like real life Futurama. The tech giant is experimenting with computerized contact lenses. This turn of events shouldn’t be totally surprising; Google is trying to make strapping a computer to your face and “exploring” cool. But a single blink taking a picture and sending it to your smartphone? That’s some Momcorp-level business.

Thanks to Patent Bolt’s detailed report that makes Google Glass look old-fashioned, Google updated their patent application last month, describing a contact lens that would literally take photos by blinking your eyes. That’s not all, Google isn’t only interested in improving the pixel count on your Instagram feed, this eyeball computer is also aimed to help the greater good. 

Similar to when Google proposed glucose-monitoring contact lenses for diabetics, they go on to describe several situations where the computerized contact lens could prove helpful, for disabled and able bodies alike. Imagine a blind person trying to cross a busy street but who can’t spot the car trying to make a right turn ahead of him. The contact lenses would alert him via audio warning sent through his phone. And healthy peeps can experience the Spidey Sense they’ve always wanted, offering a wider peripheral view and focus settings. Although it might be some time before we get the literal “eyePhone,” one thing is for sure, Google engineers want to get real close. Like, in our eyeballs close. Are you onboard with Google contact lenses?

Via: Huffington Post; top image by Valeriya via Thinkstock, patent image via PatentBolt