By Jennifer Maerz

I've been excited about San Francisco's only indoor mini-golf course, Urban Putt, since the news first broke about it. I played religiously as a kid on outdoor courses, and was especially keen on the miniature worlds exhibited across the AstroTurf. I'm so curious what iconic San Francisco scenes will look like on a shrunken scale. 

Our local version will host 14 holes worth of tiny landscapes, thanks to owner Steve Fox, a huge putt-putt fan who previously hosted parties in the home he shared with his wife, Leslie Crawford, where guests were invited to bring individually decorated holes for the game. Pretty sweet idea.

Fox is a former editor at PC WorldInfoWorld, and CNET, but now he's bringing his informal pop-up to life at the corner of South Van Ness and 22nd St. in a former mortuary, and it'll be open to the public on Monday, May 5. Urban Putt will have two bars and a kitchen offering "comforting Americana cuisine" like pizza, burgers, sundaes, and well, poutine (which we've stolen from the Canadians). They'll have booze too, although it'll be of the low-octane variety (beer, wine, and soju cocktails) until they get a liquor license. But adult beverages will be served in "custom designed adult sippy cups," for those who want to lubricate their game. 

The overhaul of Urban Putt was overseen by local Matt Hollis, who helped make Mission Bowling Club look so awesome. Expect a lot of cute things made from wood, custom ironwork, neato robotics, and, most excitingly, classic San Francisco scenes scaled way down.

Urban Putt is still undergoing work to get it ready for the Cinco de Mayo opening, but in the meantime, they've shared these teaser pics with us. 

Photos by Kristen Loken