By Wendy Steiner 

When should you look for housing in SF? Never! But since that's not an option for many of us, here is some useful information on the best time of the month, week, and day to look though listings to maximize your chances of finding something good. 

Best Time of Year: Summer

Lovely's blog reports that the Bay Area has the most new listings in summer. Sadly, this is also when housing is also very competitive. You can try your luck another time of year, but it would be wise to consider the demographics of neighborhoods you want to live in. For example, if an area you're interested in has a lot of families, the chances are people won't list their homes there during the school year.

Best Time of Month: Very Beginning or Very End

There are two strategies that make sense here. One is to browse rental sites at the very beginning of the month, when people's leases have just ended. The second is to wait patiently until the very end of the month, when landlords and renters get desperate and are more likely to give you a deal. Keep in mind that the longer you wait in a month, the fewer the choices.

Best Time of Week: Friday

According to apartment search engine Apartment List, the highest number of housing postings go up on Fridays. Since the majority of people do much of their hard searching midweek, if you apply on a Friday, you'll also have less competition.

Best Time of Day: Afternoon

Apartment List also suggests that you search in the afternoon, when you'll have the most active listings to choose from and won't have to check back more than once per day. 

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