By Jana Phillips

The city’s lesser known winding drive, Vermont Street, was the site of yesterday’s annual Bring Your Own Big Wheel race. Just a few of blocks from my apartment on Potrero Hill, the downhill slope was overrun with grownups putting finishing touches on their elaborate costumes and teeny-tiny, plastic kiddie bikes, trikes, and homemade go-carts.

BYOBW is the perfect blend of San Francisco eccentricity and slight edge-of-your seat anxiety, as roughly 400 participants went careering around tight corners in a blur of loose wheels, multi-vehicle pile-ups, and spandex unitards.

Amongst the highlights were re-purposed recycling bins with two people hanging on for dear life, five lanky men dressed as bananas trying to remain seated on their mini skateboards, and the numerous people who gravely underestimated the amount of weight that a three-wheeler meant for a 4-year-old can actually sustain.