On rainy days like today all I want to do is stay home in the hot pink pajamas I got for Christmas and stuff my face with carbs. My cravings for comfort food are only part of the reason I was drawn to art director/model maker Jessica Dance's collaboration with photographer David Sykes. The pair have joined forces for various wooly projects over the years, but this one celebrates diner food, fast food, and holiday meals. Jessica models all the food by hand first and then crafts each piece on a vintage knitting machine. (You can check out another collab between the two, Woolly Mammals, here.  

Jessica and David are based in the UK, but their playful take on food obsessions totally resonates with us here. 

We are always looking for local artists and photographers working on fun and unusual conceptual art series, though. If you're in the Bay Area and you've got something we should see, we'd love to hear from you: email info@thebolditalic.com. 

[Via Colossal]