BART's getting a new rail extension from Coliseum/Oakland Airport BART station to Oakland International Airport. The 3.2 mile connection, which is projected to start running in time for the holidays this year, will replace the AirBART shuttle buses that exist now (which are better than nothing, but I am still not a huge fan). SFGate reported today that the construction is nearing completion and that the time has come to discuss pricing for passengers traveling to the airport. 

BART has outlined some proposals for a surcharge system that could possibly be $3 to $6, similar to the $4 surcharge placed on rides to and from SFO. If you're interested in getting involved, public hearings regarding payment are scheduled for May 22 and June 12. BART's financial report reveals that the exact dollar amount of the fare will only affect the number of riders a little with the difference being between from 50 to a couple hundred riders a day. 

Representatives for BART also claim that their estimates have been conservative and they think more people will utilize the BART to the Oakland airport than the figures they used for the current cost estimates. Since the surcharges are likely to be comparable with BART rides to SFO, I'm also guessing a lot of people who would normally not fly out of Oakland will reconsider.


Photo by coba