By Sarah Han

There was a time in my life when I felt like every birthday party I went to was at La Rondalla, which makes sense, because the Valencia restaurant just looked like a party inside. Decorated with bright colors, streamers, disco balls, balloons, and Christmas lights, the 60-year-old festive sit-down Mexican eatery served cheap grub and strong margaritas until it closed in 2007 after  health inspectors found the restaurant unfit to stay open. Over the years, the restaurant has put thousands of dollars into renovations and attempted, yet failed, to reopen in 2011 and 2012. According to Paolo Lucchesi on Inside Scoop, La Rondalla will actually (hopefully?) reopen this Thursday, May 1 for real. 

La Rondalla's new menu won't change too much, although there will be a few new items such as shrimp cocktail and elote (yum). The restaurant decided, though, not to have a full mariachi band perform at its new iteration, going with a musical trio instead. And, for fans of its fantastically loud decor and old-school diner feel, you might be sad to hear that the new La Rondalla will be more modern and scale back on the kitsch. Boo. Still, it's great to hear of a place in the Mission that's coming back and not just closing down. Woo hoo!

You can start make reservations for your next meal (or party) at La Rondalla via OpenTable now!

Via Inside Scoop and Eater SF

Photo by throgers via Flickr