This morning I came upon a photo on my friend's Instagram feed announcing that In-N-Out would be opening on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley! The new location would be housed steps away from UC Berkeley, inside the old Adidas storefront, on Telegraph between Durant and Bancroft. 

Turns out the whole thing was a fake-out! There is no plan to build an In-N-Out in Berkeley. According to California Golden Blogs, an In-N-Out rep confirmed that the banner is a phony one, and it's not even a banner that they make to announce new restaurant openings. Damn! I'm sorry to all those hungry students I was already hating on for crowding this hoax restaurant! Who is responsible for this evil genius hoax? No one has claimed responsibility yet, but they've got a whole campus hating them right now.

The good news is there are so many local eateries in the area to get an awesome burger. One of my favorites, the Bureau, is in Emeryville; True Burger is about to open its second location on Broadway in Mosswood; and Victory Burger is just down the way on San Pablo. And there's whisperings that Chris Kronner is bringing his famous SF Kronnerburger to Piedmont Avenue. 

P.S. If this blog post made you crave a burger, SF Weekly reported this morning that Super Duper (my favorite SF burger chain) is giving out free mini burgers today at 3 p.m. 

Photo of In N Out Telegraph sign by Sumei Quiggle; photo of beautiful burger tray and animal fries by Sarah Han