By Sarah Han

This morning Hoodline reported that the Popeyes on the corner of Divisadero and Hayes is up for grabs. The fried chicken spot has been in the location for the past 28 years and still has 22 years left on its lease. Whoever takes over would be allowed to run the business as is, or "transform it into a different restaurant concept." 

Hoodline wonders, "Would the replacement of a long-standing corporate fast-food joint be something to be mourned or celebrated?" Good question. Popeyes is one of the last establishments offering affordable food for both the new and old community. It's an actual casual dining place that anyone of any socio-economic background could feel comfortable going into and eating at. Still, it is a national chain, and it's hard to argue that anyone should be eating fried chicken regularly, cheap or not. I just hope that whoever takes on the lease will keep the old and new demographic of the neighborhood in mind and offer something that everyone in the area can enjoy. 

Photo by Thomas Hawk via Flickr