By Jessica Saia

At this point, I pretty much know what to expect when it comes to engagement photos: matching neutral tops, dark jeans, closed-mouth-kissing, and poses where one person is looking at the other person, but THAT person is looking at the camera. The most extreme these shoots really ever get is when the couple ends up barefoot in a public park... UNTIL NOW.

Lacey and Youssef asked photographer Alex Zyuzikov of RedSphere Studios if he'd ever shot on top of the Golden Gate Bridge. He told them "Oh sure, plenty of times," thinking they meant the incredibly boring and not even cool anymore pedestrian walkway. Yeah right. As if the walkway could capture the intensity of their love! No no, they meant the actual top, windblown hair risks be damned!


I received an email this morning from a guy at the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway, and Transportation District asking that I take down the photos immediately. He explained, "They were taken during a personal tour of the Bridge when all tour participants signed waivers agreeing to use photos for personal use only and not to post them on any website." Fair enough! 

So instead, please enjoy these remarkably realistic recreations of the photos. No no, I assure you, these are not the originals! I know it's difficult to tell but I promise you they are merely drawings.