Meet Our New Editorial Intern, Devin Holt

May 07, 2014 at 3pm

Hello readers!

It is my supreme pleasure to announce the latest addition to The Bold Italic team: Me! For the next three months, I’ll be here in our gloriously cubicle-free office on Page Street, squinting at my laptop screen and typing furiously as an Editorial Intern. I can already tell that it will be a lot of work, but it’s the good type of work — the kind that comes with a paycheck and plenty of French press coffee.

It’s a tradition here at The Bold Italic for the interns to offer readers a little background on who they are, so here is my life in less than a hundred words: I was born in rural Kentucky to a feed-the-pigs and chop firewood type of life. As soon as high school was over, I left town with $200 and a backpack. I’ve lived in San Francisco for 14 years, and spent 12 of those years working, training, and performing in the local circus scene. I once stepped in quicksand in Australia, followed the jam band Phish for longer than I probably should have, and spent three years living in a small box tucked into the top of a Mission District warehouse arts space. 

Despite (or perhaps because of) this rather sordid past, The Bold Italic has welcomed me into the fold. I’m thrilled to be here.  

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